B-Fighters Feat. Barei - Impulso (Impulse)

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IMPULSO (Impulse) is the first ever composed song created by an artist and her fans, and broadcasted through social media (particularly Twitter) under the hashtag (in Spanish) #NuestraPrimeraCancionJuntos, with a 100% karmic footprint.  Impulse is a project which converges artist, public, and viewers, with all proceeds going towards ACNUR and ANIDAN Association (Spain).

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SUMMER LOVIN'2017 singles



"WORRY, WORRY" Feat. Porta 




Single (2/3)


Single (1/3)




Her- the artist

Singer and composer whose sound is synthesized by the current pop-culture influences of: 

SIA, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, The Weekend, among others.

Trained, shaped, and disciplined deeply by the industry’s piercing standards,

she self-inflicted an unbreakable level of demand.

Her Challenge - One Single at a Time

Baptized the greatest challenge of Barei’s career, and fueled by her drive to continue to thrive, One Single at a Time became the official name of a long overdue challenge.

Her latest single "Say Yay" was chosen by the audience to be the spanish entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. More than 10.000.000 plays on Spotify have launched Barei to another level in Europe. Last year she has been invited to many live shows around the continent (Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne, Setúbal, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, etc).

Now a new trip is coming her new single "I don´t need to be you"...The first one of her upcoming album. A new chance to become the soundtrack of her audience’s lives.

Her - The Professional

She’s an unstoppable flying arrow in her pop category,

willing and determined to break the ceiling.

She realized, with fear and doubt, that the key to what she considered a fulfilling endeavor laid in producing enough of her music, generating mountains of content, and by staying true to her musical inspiration.

Switching to singing in English allowed her to reconnect with what had influenced her musical ear in her formative years; and one single later, like a flash flood, she gushed back into the scene.




Producer Co-author:  Ruben Villanueva

Representation: SONY ATV – Spain

Management and Booking: RLM at  rlm@rlm.es



*Madrid es Tuyo – inner city campaign to promote arts and culture. “Play” became the official jingle, and image behind their branding.

*MADO (Madrid Orgullo) Festival – invited for 5 consecutive years.

*Sala Shoko Madrid – “Throw the Dice” Official album release 2016

*Starlite Festival (Marbella) – Guest artist for Lenny Kravitz’s Opening Sets.

*Champion Total – “Time to Fight” program’s official opening song broadcasted under the Atresmedias Sports Network

*Velvet Joyas – brand jingle “Get up and Go” original composition

*TV Appearances - known for spiking ratings, Barei is a familiar face at Spain’s most high-ranking TV networks: RTVE, Telecinco, 40TV,

*KISS TV – invited to perform musical showcases since 2012.



Cadena 100 / Megastar / 40 Principales,RNE, Radio COPE, Onda Madrid, Cadena SER.



Writer for Malú, Antonio José, Soraya, May J (Sony Japon), María Aguado, among a variety of international artists and TV Shows.



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