Her- the artist

Singer and composer whose sound is a morphemic shadow of a Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Steve Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and James Brown funk, synthesized by the current pop-culture influences of Katy Perry, Rihanna, Madonna, and Bruno Mars.Trained, shaped, and disciplined deeply by the industry’s piercing standards, she self-inflicted an unbreakable level of demand. And like a true Spaniard, where those gypsy brown eyes set focus, she goes.

Her - The Professional

She’s an unstoppable flying arrow in her pop category, willing and determined to break the ceiling.Barei realized that the music industry had evolved like an overnight sprout into a complex tree of noise and phantoms.She realized, with fear and doubt, that the key to what she considered a fulfilling endeavor laid in producing enough of her music, generating mountains of content, and by staying true to her musical inspiration. Switching to singing in English allowed her to reconnect with what had influenced her musical ear in her formative years; and one single later, like a flash flood, she gushed back into the scene.

Her Challenge -                One Single at a Time

Baptized the greatest challenge of Barei’s career, and fueled by her drive to continue to thrive, One Single at a Time became the official name of a long overdue challenge.
With the steady climbing succession of things, she created “Play”, the beta single that would determine whether she had made the right decision.Soon after reaching the airwaves,“Play” made it into iTune’s Top 5 most sold pop songs, and the music video reached over 150,000 hits.One ordinary day, she decided to take a leap into far more demanding waters, she woke up to realized she was at the surface of something big.

Just “PLAY” with it- The challenge wasn’t to be famous; it was now to be remembered. No longer to be retained by the slow process of albums, or afraid of the pressures of forcing her public to swallow a preselected studio work, she decided to launch “PLAY” for what it is: a reflection of her new self-image as a performer; unfazed, playful, and free.These traits are what characterize her public, and in honor of her listeners, Barei made a firm decision that this would be her approach to reach out to her fans; honoring them with a song every three months.
With the launch of each single comes a new music video that exposes her transition as a woman, the artist, and aspiring to become the soundtrack of her audience’s lives.

Her Sound and Crowd

Heavily influenced by British – American pop, funk, and soul, Barei began forging newer compositions, from newer musical angles, established by her newfound career perspectives.Her second single “Another’s Life” signified the continuity of linking milestones in a person’s life, just like Barei’s Single at a Time challenge, her young fans could now have a closer relationship to her struggles.By reaching iTune’s Top 30 list of most popular songs, whose video clip on Youtube – which reached over 600,000 hits - was labeled as one of Spain’s most important musical launches, Barei was beginning to truly connect to her core audience.

Catapulted by this organic sync to her listeners, she felt an ignition of fiery energy, and with that burning flame, Barei fused “Foolish NaNa”. Swaying and playing with an electronic compass, she mystically developed an improvised of age Charleston beat. The nonchalant flirtation, and light-spirited approach gave away to an improvised vintage dance-off in the music video, which stood as the metaphorical rebirth of “the free truth within each one of us” - message that was strongly referenced in the lyrics of “Foolish NaNa”.By reaching nearly 1 million views on Youtube, “Foolish NaNa” became the stepping-stone for what followed.





A mystical and melancholic bliss took over her melodic senses when she composed “Wildest Horses”.With a very humble voice, she dedicated this song to a family member who died of cancer.Barei felt that this would be the opportunity to let her fans choose what they wanted to hear next, and by launching 3 demos for fans to pick as their next single. These men and women ages 16-50 from North America, England, Japan and Spain were once again fully connected as they picked “Wildest Horses”.Barei realized that her fans, a crowd of people just like her, sharing the same musical tastes and influences within the ranges of Katy Perry, Rihanna, Madonna and Bruno Mars, were listening to her again . . . and they wanted more.“Wildest Horses was the highest ranking among her 3 launches – it reached the Top 40 list of highest grossing songs by Promusicae, and garnered well over 1 million views on Youtube. This pop-ballad became the closing link in Barei’s newly discovered path.

Today 2015, “You Fill Me Up (My Yang)” is a shout at love, and now available on most digital platforms, it was coupled with the launch and acoustic tour series of “Throw the Dice” (2015 studio album) which has already reached iTune’s Top10 list of highest grossing albums.Fans only have to stay tuned for the official video launch of“You Fill Me Up (My Yang), in which Barei aspires to surpass her own standard of nearly 1.5 million hits on Youtube. 

Her Team:

Producer Co-author:  Ruben Villanueva

Representation: SONY ATV – Spain

Management and Booking: Damasco Caminero – contratacion@damascocaminero.com


Madrid es Tuyo – inner city campaign to promote arts and culture. “Play” became the official jingle, and image behind their branding.

MADO (Madrid Orgullo) Festival – invited for 3 consecutive years.

Sala Shoko Madrid – “Throw the Dice” Official album release 2015

Mulafest Festival (Madrid) – 2015

Starlite Festival (Marbella) – Guest artist for Lenny Kravitz’s Opening Sets.

Champion Total – “Time to Fight” program’s official opening song broadcasted under the Atresmedias Sports Network

Velvet Joyas – brand jingle “Get up and Go” original composition

TV Appearances - known for spiking ratings, Barei is a familiar face at Spain’s most high-ranking TV networks: RTVE, Telecinco, 40TV, KISS TV – invited to perform musical showcases since 2012.

Radio Presentations:

RNE, Radio COPE, Onda Madrid, Cadena SER.


Writer for May J (Sony Japon)

Writer for Ivi Adamou (Winner of Eurovision 2012 - Greece)